13 Feb: Instagram is experiencing high purge rate. It is recommended to purchase Instagram Followers (HQ).




What is Instagram Auto Likes + Views?
Instagram Auto Likes + Views is a service provided by SocialTrades to allow customers to purchase Likes and Views for an unlimited number of photos and videos uploaded for 7 days or 30 days.

How to use this service?
1. Select the number of LIKES + VIEWS per photo, available for 7 and 30 days
2. Enter your Instagram Username
3. Add to cart!

Please allow up to 24 hours before photos and videos are being uploaded to allow proper delivery of services. Cancellation is not allowed.

Do you know we have a subscription service? If you can’t find the service you need, create a ticket and request for a custom plan.


Note: This Instagram service comes with a LIFETIME refill guarantee.


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