What is Auto Instagram Likes?
Auto Instagram Likes is a service provided by SocialTrades to allow customers to purchase LIKES in advance for future posts. This allows customers to spend less time buying LIKES individually.

Newly posted photos will be queued instantly for LIKES. Please note that once a photo is posted, it should not be removed. Doing so will affect the sequencing of the service.

How to use this service?
1. Select the number of LIKES per photo (available in 20, 50, 100 and more!)
2. Select the desired LIKES per minute
3. Enter your Instagram Username
4. Select the number of photos to purchased in advance
5. Add to cart!

Start posting photos/videos once order status becomes “Beginning Injection”. 

For visual instructions, click here

1. When will my photos start receiving LIKES?: Once the order is set to “Injection Begin”, any newly uploaded photos will receive LIKES.
2. What happens if I delete my photo after uploading?: Our system counts the number of posts you have when you first placed your order. If a photo is deleted, the next uploaded photo will not receive any LIKES. Please contact us to have the count reset if you deleted a photo by accident.

There is a minimum purchase of 5 (five) Photos/Videos Likes to be purchased in advance. 

Do you know we have a subscription service? If you can’t find the service you need, create a ticket and request for a custom plan.

username/link field cannot be left empty.
account/link cannot be private/hidden

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