Order Status

Order Tracking

To track your order, enter your Order ID in the box below together with the Billing Email and press "Track". This was given to you on your receipt and in the confirmation email.

What does my status mean?

Pending Payment: Order is currently pending payment. If CoinPayments.net payment method is used and payment is already made, kindly wait for full digital currency confirmations.

On Hold: Order has been placed but payment is not confirmed. If you used Bank Transfer option, send us a copy of the payment receipt to us at [email protected]. If you used PayPal option, it is due to payment not yet cleared by PayPal, do allow 1-4 days for Paypal to release funds.

Processing: Payment has been received and order is currently in the queue. If you wish to cancel the order and obtain a full refund to your account, email directly at [email protected].

Beginning Injection: Injection of service(s) is currently in the queue and cannot be cancelled. Please allow up to 24 hours to see results.

Paused: Injection of service(s) has been paused. This could be due to the purchase of split delivery feature.

Failed (Error): Injection of service(s) has failed. Admin will look into it soon. Do expect an email or shoot an email directly to [email protected]

Completed: Order has been completed.

Refunded: Order has been successfully refunded.

Cancelled: Order has been cancelled.