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To check the order status of an existing order, please enter your Order ID, Email and press the "Track" button. Order information was given to you upon checkout.

What Does My Status Mean?

Pending.PaymentOrder is currently pending payment. If payment method is used, please allow for full cryptocurrency confirmations from the network.
On HoldOrder is currently on hold. If you used the Bank Transfer option, send us a copy of the payment receipt to [email protected]. If you used the PayPal option, it is due to payment not yet cleared by PayPal, do allow 1-4 days for PayPal to automatically release funds. For anything else, feel free to start a chat with us.
ProcessingPayment has been received and order is currently in the queue. If you wish to cancel the order and obtain a full refund to your account, feel free to start a chat with us. Refunds will be credited as Wallet funds
Awaiting.ApprovalOrder requires manual approval from the support team. Do allow up to 12 hours for it to be processed.
Beginning.InjectionInjection of service(s) is currently in the queue and cannot be canceled. Results can take up to 24 – 72 hours to be reflected. Larger orders may require more time.
Accepting.UploadsAuto service has been activated and all future uploads will now receive purchased services. If other types of one-off services are added to the same order, this means Beginning Injection for those services.
Being.RefilledYour refill request has been approved and order is currently being refilled. Please allow up to 72 hours or more depending on the nature of the issue.
StoppedInjection of service(s) has failed. Do expect an email from the support team in 12 hours. Or feel free to start a chat with us.
CompletedOrder has been completed.
RefundedOrder has been refunded.
CanceledOrder has been canceled.

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